Amanda Thomson: Founder of Thomson & Scott Skinny

2017 has been a crazy year for me so far - which is why I haven't had the chance to share with you all any of the amazing women I have met so far this year - so I am super excited to introduce my first It Girl of 2017, Amanda Thomson, Founder of Thomson & Scott Skinny, my drink of choice for summer. 

Thomson & Scott Skinny's "Skinny Prosecco" recently launched is the U.S. this past April and believe me when I tell you it's delicious. The brand first launched in London last year and quickly became a best-selling wine online in the UK. T&S Skinny is now available in the Boston area (more info below) and will soon announce its plans to distribute nationally.  

Before founding Thomson & Scott Skinny, Amanda was a broadcaster for the BBC in London. Although she loved working for an iconic network, she fell in love with the opportunity of creating a brand that offered health-conscious consumers a delicious bottle of sparkling wine they could enjoy while not feeling guilty about drinking and consuming lots of sugar and chemicals.

Amanda grew up on a sugar-free, vegetarian diet created by her mother, a health food entrepreneur. As she grew older, Amanda kept her focus on sticking to this diet and lifestyle while becoming dedicated to finding a balance.

"I was finding it was easy to keep up a healthy diet in the foods that I ate, but it was difficult to know what was in the wine that I enjoyed, especially during late nights at work events," Amanda recalls.

"This compelled me to create Thomson & Scott Skinny and give health-conscious consumers, like me, the option to drink a premium sparking wine that is vegan with reduced sugar and low levels of sulfates, as well as no additives like animal-derived by-products or harmful pesticides." 

homson & Scott Skinny is 100% vegan and produced with 100% organic Glera grapes from the foothills of the Dolomites, in North East Italy. Amanda along with her team have tested hundreds of different makers' products in order to find the right recipes that make Thomson & Scott Skinny so unique. "We are very dedicated to ensuring that the process is top-quality  while focusing on reducing sugar and additives in all the products to stay true to our mission."

As you know, I alsways ask my It Girls what their one piece of advice is for women starting their own brand/company. According to Amanda, "Be really bold, go after what you want and be ready to sell yourself 24/7. Focus fully on networking - I took every opportunity to bring Thomson & Scott Skinny to the next level by finding the right partners and audience. This helped establish the brand to where it is today. And there's so much more to come. I'm sharing the Thomson & Scott story one beautiful bottle at a time!"

Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco is currently available at Sonsie on Newbury Street. Make sure to check with your local wine/liquor distributor to find the best location to purchase T&S's Skinny Prosecco near you. AND stay tuned for the brands Skinny Champagne coming soon! To keep up with all things T&S, make sure to follow them on Instagram at @skinnyprosecco. 

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