Cate Brinch: Owner & Operator of Recycle Studio

So excited to introduce my latest It Girl, Cate Brinch, Owner & Operator of Recycle Studio, Boston's original indoor cycling studio. Prior to launching her business in 2010, Cate lived in New York City, working as a marketing professional where she first developed a passion for indoor cycling. After relocating to Boston, she noticed a need for a high quality indoor cycling studio, and rather than wait for one to open, she chose to develop the business plan to open her own.


"I was living in a city with no boutique fitness studios - maybe one or two yoga studios," said Cate. "Boston is an incredibly active community and I knew boutique fitness, specifically indoor cycling, was something that the community would warmly welcome. Indoor cycling was something I really had become a student of over the years and I felt like I was ready to put my 'studies' to use and open my own studio.  When I opened my first location I was working a 9-to-5 job as well. I thought I would be able to do both jobs but it quickly became clear that I needed to give 100% to Recycle and leave my job if I was going to see my business reach its potential."

Two years after opening her first studio in the South End, Cate was able to open a second location in the Back Bay - proof that taking a leap of faith and putting all she had into her business was the right choice. 

Cate’s love of fitness extends beyond Recycle’s studio doors. In her free time, she enjoys running half-marathons and practicing pilates. In addition to owning and operating her two studios, Cate has also developed an all-encompassing intensive instructor training program, where she has employed and trained many of Boston's indoor cycling instructors. As a Boston native, she focuses on collaborating with other Boston-born businesses to promote entrepreneurial endeavors and encourage Boston’s local culture, something I also strongly believe in. Cate believes in the support of local small businesses and regularly partners with brands, such as Follain, Summer Sitters, PRESSED Boston, and more.

My favorite part about interviewing my It Girls is asking them what their one piece of advice is for other women starting their own business. According to Cate, "Be sure you want your passion to become your job. Realize that when your passion becomes your career it will change its role in your life. I drew a line and realized early on that the best way for me to run this business was to be owner/operator not instructor, I couldn't wear all hats. I think it is important to identify the best ways for you to work with your passion if you chose to do so."

To learn more about Recycle Studio, click here. If you are interested in booking a a ride, click here. You can also follow Recycle Studio on Instagram and Twitter. 

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