Within the last year or so, I have been working hard on taking care of my skin. Like most women, I am overwhelmed by the number of skincare products on the market and can never find one that meets the needs of my skin. In the mean time, I'm throwing away money trying to figure which products would work best for me only to find that I need to try something else. So, when HomeDNA reached out to me to test their new at-home DNA testing I jumped at the opportunity. The DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) Company has recently brought the test to the USA, which launched in July. 

The Home DNA Skin Care™ test is super easy to use and can be done right from your home with a simple cheek swab. The test examines 28 genetic markers associated with skin aging, providing in-depth, easy to understand information about your skin and its needs. Once you have finished your swab, simply send back to DDC’s lab where a thorough DNA analysis is prepared. The areas explored include: fine lines and wrinkles, sun protection, skin sensitivity, skin elasticity, pigmentation, collagen quality and skin antioxidants. Your results will serve as an individual road map that will guide you on how to improve and maintain the heath and appearance of your skin, suggesting the most beneficial nutrients, ingredients and treatments for your genetic makeup, something I desperately need! 

For each category, you are given an in-depth recap on your gene profile and the ingredients and treatments you can do do help get your skin be the best it can be. 

HomeDNA's at-home kit retails for just $24.99 with a separate $79 lab fee $104 in total). Similar tests offered by dermatologists exceed $300. The kit is sold exclusively at CVS in the Home Diagnostics section of the store and online at HomeDNA.com. 

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