Crane & Lion

I'm so excited to share Crane & Lion with all of you.  They are a Boston-based company (score!) & provide chic styles for working hard, letting loose & everything in between! The Crane & the Lion are two poses in yoga. The crane is a pose that requires strength & stamina; it inspires us to take risks & find our edge. The lion, is a breathing exercise that helps us relax & relieve tension & strain. The juxtaposition of the two poses reflects how we live our lives; some days we want to push the limit & other days, we need to recover.  Crane & Lion was created to bring a brand to the Boston community that allows us women to marry our two loves: fitness & fashion— a perfect marriage in my book! 

We are all guilty (rightfully so) of wearing activewear even when we're not working out. With more & more activewear wearing going on, there's no  wonder it has moved to the front of our closets; a welcomed move which inspired the creation of the brand. For someone who wears a lot of activewear, these bottoms are THE MOST COMFORTABLE I have EVER worn! And that's not the best part about them. Through Crane & Lion's partnership with the one hundred initiative at Mass General Cancer Center, the brand has designed these bottoms to raise awareness on the fight against cancer, something very near & dear to my heart. 100% of the proceeds are donated back to the organization, so what are you waiting for? Go buy a pair!

Curious about the top? It is super comfortable & falls perfectly on your body;  not to mention the oh-so-attractive finishing touches— back ruching detail, cozy thumbholes & color block. This long-sleeve tee comes in cloud blue (pictured below), white & zinfandel!

Crane & Lion strives to empower the statement you make on each day no matter how intense, or relaxed, you require it to be. Their design philosophy stems from the desire to provide women with resilient clothing that is not only chic, but also sophisticated. Their hand-chosen fabrics & functional designs provide for optimal movement, comfort & support. Understated yet interesting details & colors merge to create stylish, versatile & most importantly quality clothing. C&L's performance wear combined with their fashion-forward pieces will effortlessly transition you from the gym, to meetings, to social engagements & back, something I know a lot of you local Boston babes will appreciate. 

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FashionMaria Albini