Jord Watch For Men

If you follow my blog,  then you know I love Jord Watches. I featured their women collection a few months ago (click here to view),  and am now happy to share with you their men's collection.  

In case you didn't have a chance to read my previous post, Jord Watches is focused on creating timepieces that are modeled after a modern lifestyle. The company values sustainability, efficiency, and experiential living. Jord Watches are made for people who don't just have somewhere to be, but have somewhere to go. To Jord, the value of a watch is not being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than that. 

Featured in my post is the Conway Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood. The light color, classic design and modern detailing makes it the perfect everyday watch that can take any man from the office to out with friends. The baby blue detailing on the face make for the perfect touch. To view the entire men's collection, click here. 

FashionMaria Albini