Review: Shoot My Travel


Ever go on vacation or a weekend-getaway and wish you had someone with you to capture the memories? Whether you want family portraits, a couples session or even just yourself, Shoot My Travel is the answer! Founded in 2015 and inspired by the idea that amazing things happen when you go beyond the selfie, Shoot My Travel is a Miami-based startup who’s mission is to provide professional vacation photos that you’ll treasure forever. When you’re caught up in trying to get the “perfect shot”, you risk missing what’s right in front of you. Shoot My Travel encourages a Carpe Diem approach to vacations – offering travelers the opportunity to be in the moment, while showing them all the city has to offer.

Shoot My Travel is currently available in over 300 destinations including Europe, Asia, United States, Canada, Latin America, Caribbean, Oceania, & Africa. You can click here for the full list of cities.

Here’s how it works…

First, go the Shoot My Travel website and pick the country and city where you want to shoot. Then you pick from an array of photographers available in your area in addition to one of the many packages they offer. I was lucky enough to work with Patricia, who is AMAZING behind the camera and made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the entire process.

The available packages include:

  • YOU & The City (1 hour)

  • Two Hours

  • Three Hours

  • Surprise Proposal

You can also purchase additional time and images which we will get into later.

Within a few hours of purchasing your package, you are contacted by your photographer to schedule the shoot. Once you meet up, your photographer will guide you through the best spots in the city to take pictures (and my favorite, candids along the way). Shoot My Travel tours were designed to be not only be a photoshoot, but also a travel experience where you can learn from the culture, language and hidden gems of your destination - a huge plus on any vacation if you ask me!

The best part about Shoot My Travel? You receive the images before you’ve had time to unpack! Your photos will be delivered within 24-48 hours after the photo tour via an online private gallery, where you will be able to view, share, order prints and download your photos to your phone and/or computer. The package I chose, YOU & The City, comes with 15 hi-res images in which I was given the opportunity to pick from a larger batch. As I mentioned earlier, if you want more photos, you can purchase them for an additional cost.

If you know of friends or family traveling, Shoot My Travel offers gift cards, making for the perfect holiday gift! Scroll down for images from my photoshoot with Patricia!