Pure Glow Organic Sunless Tanning

Summer is finally here, and every where you look, people are working on their tans. As I became older, I've started to care more and more about my skin. When I was in my teen's/early twenties, I had monthly tanning packages and laid out any chance I could with ZERO sunscreen. Since I was a little girl my mom would always tell  "pale is pretty" but I always thought I looked better with a tan. At 27, I know my mom was right. 

In my early-to-mid-twenties, I started to get spray tans when I had an event, going away for the weekend, etc. For me, something always went wrong. I either came out too dark, uneven, or splotchy. I would use lemon juice (and other homemade remedies I found online) to get it off but it never worked. I then learned that there are people that spray you instead of using a machine and I knew I had to try it. Enter Pure Glow Tanning - my go to sunless tan salon (did I mention it's ORGANIC!?). 


Before finding Pure Glow, I never thought about how the spray could effect my skin/ body.  According to their website, 90% of what goes on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream, SO getting a spray tan with organic ingredients truly matters. (For ingredients click here).  Pure Glow's tan is customized to flatter every body shape, create definition and mirror the way the sun would hit you throughout the day, so that your tan always looks genuine. Rather than trusting them to mix from hundreds of different tones, your skin does the work for them. Their solution reacts directly with the amino acids and melanin in the top layer of your skin so that your tan always looks natural.

My experience was beyond amazing. First of all, they allow you to bring your dogs in, which was great for me since I typically bring my dog to work. The lovely staff occupied my pup while I was getting sprayed, and even offered her organic treats! The entire process from start to finish is fast and easy, and the staff is great at giving direction. Once you are finished and dried, the team comes back in to do a final check and make sure your tan is even. When finished, my skin looked like I spent a week at the beach! Scroll down for a pic. 


Pure Glow Tanning is located at 176 Newbury Street. Appointments can be made by phone (617-267-4455) or online by clicking here. Pure Glow offers full body, partial body or face only. More info and pricing available here.  Don't believe they are as good as I think? Pure Glow has won a Best of Beauty Award (2017) by Allure, Best Spray Tan (2016/2017) by Boston Magazine, Best Sunless Tan (2016) by The Improper Bostonian, and Best Spray Tan (2016) by Boston Weddings.