Banish 2.0 Review

I pretty much sounds like a broken record, but 2019 (for me) is the year of doing better. I promised to take better care of myself. That means being more present, taking social media breaks, working out more, eating better, and using cleaner beauty products. So far this year, I’ve started testing out skin care brands to share with you guys. Last year, I wrote a review on an amazing company Banish, an at-home acne-scar treatment. I loved their products, so was super excited to review the new and improved Banish 2.0.

To understand the product and brand, you need to know about its founder. Ever since Daisy Jing was in 3rd grade, she dealt with terrible skin and had no idea why. She tried numerous products and saw numerous dermatologists, all with no results Her confidence plummeted, and she immersed herself in school. Daisy dreamed of being a dermatologist so she could help others find a solution for something she had longed to find herself. While in college, Daisy developed cystic like acne that created very deep pustules painful to touch. One day, she came across a YouTube video by someone who shared a similar experience. From there, she discovered more and more videos of people who had the same problem. Daisy turned on her webcam and decided to start fulfilling her dream of helping others.

Although Daisy loved the original Banisher, over time she realized it wasn’t quite perfect. She wanted the Banisher to be bigger, the bristles sharper and finer, and more convenient so customers wouldn’t have to carry the cleaning container with them. Enter, the Banisher 2.0.

The new kit comes with a 24k gold coated titanium bristles (perfect for microneedling at-home), lasts 2x longer than the original Banisher, stimulates more collagen, has finer and sharper bristles, and causes less irritation (a huge plus!). The products now feature a twist off cap which protects the Banisher and doubles as a smaller cleaning container where only a small amount of rubbing alcohol is used. The new design will always keep your bristles protected and suspended so they last longer.

My results? Finer lines & wrinkles, firmer skin, and a more even skin tone. What more can a girl ask for?

If you are a first time user, I would suggest trying to starter kit, which is currently on sale. The kit includes the new & improved Banisher 2.0 and six holy-grail skin care tools and products to prevent and combat your skin’s main concerns naturally (Banish Oil, Vitamin C Beauty Elixir, Pumpkin Enzyme Masque, Activated Charcoal Clay Masque, Vitamin C Creme, and a storage bag. All products are made FRESH TO ORDER, natural, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben & sulfate free, and are made with no artificial colors, proving you can achieve healthy, glowing skin without the use of harsh chemicals.

For those of you wondering, the roller does not hurt when applied to the skin. It may look intimidating, but I promise it is fine! My favorite part about this company is their use of fresh natural ingredients. Their products are created the same day they are shipped and do so 6 days a week. One last thing I learned since partnering with Banish is that most vitamin-C products are dyed orange so the consumer cannot tell when they are no longer fresh. Banish's Vitamin C beauty elixir (my favorite product in the kit), is a clear liquid and will change color when it should no longer be used. 

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Maria Albini