Review: Peapod Grocery Delivery

Can you believe it’s already March? 2019 is seriously flying by! I’ve been so busy with work lately, that I decided to try PeaPod, Stop & Shop’s online grocery shopping service. I typically grocery shop for my weekly groceries on Sunday’s which is probably one of the worst days to do it as it is always packed and not everything I want is available. Not having to step foot in the grocery store and having your groceries delivered right to your door is a serious game change. It saves me time and money as I usually head down every isle grabbing things I don’t necessarily need (anyone else?).

My ordering experience was for the most part effortless. You can sort by category and even filter down your search to eliminate items such as nutrition / dietary restrictions which is super helpful when you’re gluten free, dairy free, have a food-related allergy, and more. Once your order is complete, you choose the day / time you want your order to be delivered. PeaPod offers different times for delivery working with most schedules.

In addition to choosing your own products, PeaPod also offers a variety of affordable meal kits (many less than $5 per serving) that contain pre-measured, pre-cut and pre-washed ingredients for meals made in 30 minutes or less. Super convenient for people who weekly meal prep (me!) or those who work late nights and like to come home and just warm up a meal. In addition, they provide shoppers with special features to help make this process and quick and easy as possible.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Express Shop: Quickly locate and select all ingredients for a specific recipe, meal plan, etc. Just type your list into the notepad; click Start Shopping and the products matching your first item will be displayed.

  • Order Genius: Auto-fill your cart with the items you buy most frequently and even recall shopping history from Stop & Shop and Giant loyalty reward cards.

  • Sort Feature: Find products with the best price, to meet your dietary needs, even see which product is most popular. Select your sort preference from the drop-down box at the top of every page. Click the Save Sort link and your products will always be sorted that way.

PeaPod has no required membership fee, however they do offer a subscription service called PodPass which offers subscribers unlimited free delivery and pick-up for 3, 6 or 12-months. Typical delivery fees range from $6.95-$9.95.

As promised, I am offering a code (FRESH50) to my followers for $25 off your first two order and 1-year free delivery with a PodPass subscription! Feel free to leave a comment or DM me if you have any questions. For fun recipes and meal ideas, you can follow PeaPod in Instagram @peapoddelivers.